Jean Pascal

Jean Pascal was born in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). In the late 1980s his family moved to Quebec, Canada. In school he played hockey and soccer, but watching his older brother Nicholson Poulard become the Quebec boxing champion in 1996, Pascal, at 13 years of age, started to train at the "Club Champions St-Michel" boxing gym every week. His first trainer was Sylvain Gagnon, who considered Pascal to be a natural talent. (According to an interview in May 2005, Pascal's idol was Roy Jones Jr..) Pascal won the Canadian amateur championship seven times (1998-2004)and in 2001 he joined the national boxing team. Three times he was named the best Canadian boxer (2001-2003). His final amateur record was 103-18.

Regional/Minor Titles

  • Canada - Quebec Boxing Council (CQB) super middleweight Champion
  • Canada super middleweight Champion
  • TAB (Trans America Boxing) super middleweight Champion
  • WBC Latino super middleweight Champion
  • WBO NABO super middleweight Champion
  • NABA super middleweight Champion
  • NABF super middleweight
  • WBO Inter-Continental super middleweight Champion
  • IBO Light Heavyweight Champion

Amateur career

2001 Canadian senior amateur boxing championshipslight middleweight (71 kg.)
2001-01-26 Adam Trupish (Windsor, Ontario), semifinal W-KO2
2001 Canadian team trials (St. Catharines, Ontario)
2001 Jeremy Molitor (Quebec) W-Dec
Molitor was 9 times Canadian champion, 1998 Commonwealth Games (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) welterweight gold medalist.
2001 World Championshiplight middleweight (71 kg.)
2001-06-05 Eradj Mukssinov (Tajikistan) W-Dec4 (24-3)
2001-06-06 Maxat Baktybazarov (Kazakhstan) W-Dec4 (21-13)
2001-06-07 Bulent Ulusoy (Turkey), quarterfinal L-Dec4 (10-26)
Pascal shared 5-8 place.
2001 Francophone Games (July 2001)
  Adama Sibide (Mli),semifinal W-KO4
2001-07-24 Mohamed Abdel Mangoud (Egy), final W-Dec (10-8)
Pascal won gold medal.
2002 Canada vs Scotland (May, 2002, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), light middleweight (71 kg.)
2002-05-10 Craig McEwan (Scotland) L-Dec (8-12)
2002-05-12 Craig McEwan (Scotland) W-Dec (19-14)
2002 Commonwealth Games (July 25 - August 4, Manchester, UK), light middleweight (71 kg.)
2002-07-29 Mosolesa Tsie (Lesoto) W-KO
2002-07-31 Jamie Pittman (Australia), quarterfinal W-Dec4 (20-14)
2002-08-01 Junior Sylvest Greenidge (Barbados), semifinal W-RSC2
2002-08-03 Paul Smith (England), final W-Dec4 (18-16)
2003 Panamerican Gamesmiddleweight (75 kg.)
2003 Juan Ubaldo (Dominican Republic), semifinal L-Dec4 (11-18)
Pascal won bronze.
2003 Second Americas Qualifier (March 13-20, Tijuana, Mexico), middleweight (75 kg.)
2004-03-16 Marco A. Russell (Bahamas) W-KO3
2004-03-18 Alfredo Angulo (Mexico) L-Dec4 (23-27)
2003 Third Americas Qualifier (April 6-11, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), middleweight (75 kg.)
2004-04-06 Martin Islas (Argentina) W-Dec4
2004-04-08 Pedro Calla (Peru), quarterfinal W-Dec4 (36-20)
2004-04-10 Alexander Brand (Columbia), semifinal W-Dec4 (14-9)
2004-04-11 Glaucelio Abreu (Brazil), final W-Dec4 (30-13)
As it turned out, this tournament wasn't considered as qualifying by Canadian Olympic Committee, thus Pascal and Benoit Gaudet weren't going to the Olympics. This decision was appealed successfully.
2004 Olympic Games (14-29 August, Athens, Greece), middleweight (75 kg.)
2004-08-14 Yordanis Despaigne (Cuba) L-Dec4 (24:36)


Preceded by:
Adrian Diaconu
WBC Light Heavyweight Champion
2009 Jun 19 – 2011 May 21
Succeeded by:
Bernard Hopkins

Wins KO:20
Losses KO:2
Division:Light Heavyweight
Height:5' 10 1/2" / 179 cm
Reach:72" / 183cm
Residence:Laval,Quebec, Canada
Birth Place:Port-au-Prince, Haiti