Tyler Randall

With NCAA Division III wrestling experience, Tyler Randall would be expected to initiate the clinch much more often than he does, but he prefers flashy striking and it’s worked well for him over his BKFC career. Watching Randall before and during his fights, you can tell that there is a massive Connor McGreggor influence within the Cape Coral, Florida based Striker.

Randall has an incredible ability to throw naked punches with zero setup. Whether it’s an overhand right minus the jab beforehand or a two without the preceding one, he makes this possible with the use of many fades and big movements. He seems to be a very cerebral and potentially emotional fighter, admitting he fights better when he is happy and when he can dictate the pace. Randall is very open about his emotions and is a big advocate for mental health and suicide awareness.

Since Randall holds the wrestling background, he has spent most of his professional training in the boxing gym where he has drastically improved fight over fight. He holds a high level of confidence in his standing within the BKFC flyweight division, claiming he sees himself defeating John Dodson who has made everyone to date look levels behind him. One thing is for certain, Tyler Randall is on a mission and with dedication to the craft such as he has, it’s a short journey to a title fight to potentially make good on that claim.

Height:168 CM / 5'6"