For our dear customers:

A live BKFC 56: Perry vs. Alvarez Commercial only/HD only broadcast is scheduled at 8pm ET on Saturday, 12/2/23.

English will be the Primary audio. 

Secondary/Alternate audio will not be offered.  SAP will not be enabled in the DIRECTV program guide. 

English Closed Captioning (CC) is required.


It’s BAU regarding Commercial subscribers and as far as visual/on-screen cues…

If Commercial subscribers don’t see the DIRECTV pre-event slide below prior to the live broadcast on Saturday (and they encounter a black screen), then they haven’t purchased/aren’t authorized for the event…or it’s possible other issues may be taking place specific to a commercial account or at a location such as faulty equipment, a dormant receiver, configuration, or other reason. 

If assigned event viewer channels aren’t present in the program guide at a particular establishment then perhaps the program guide isn’t properly enabled or a customer isn’t properly set-up and locked-in to the required satellite.

Commercial establishments should be able to confirm the presence of assigned viewer channels in the DIRECTV program guide prior to the live Saturday broadcast. 

The recommendation is for commercial establishments to proactively confirm they are authorized/purchased events as soon as they possibly can.

Thank you.

Saturday, 12/02/23

BKFC 56: Perry vs. Alvarez

Available to DIRECTV commercial subscribers in the U.S. DIRECTV HD viewer channel 9538 in the U.S. 
HD pre-event slide scheduled on Saturday: 6am ET - 8pm ET
BKFC 56 broadcast scheduled on Saturday: 8pm ET
A pre-produced 60 minute promotional material is scheduled at 8pm ET.
Live preliminary fight coverage is scheduled at 9pm ET.
The actual live main card PPV is scheduled at 10pm ET.