Regarding visual/on-screen cues …

If Commercial subscribers don't see the pre-event slide on Saturday prior to the live Bellator MMA broadcast at 4 pm ET (and they encounter a black screen), then they haven't purchased/are not authorized for the event… or it is possible issues may be taking place specific to a commercial account or commercial location such as faulty equipment, a dormant receiver, configuration, or other reason.

If HD channel 9537 isn't present in the program guide at a particular establishment then perhaps the program guide isn't correctly enabled to view HD channels or a customer isn't properly set-up and locked-in to a satellite signal.

Commercial establishments should be able to confirm HD channel 9537 is available in the program guide in advance of Saturday's live Bellator MMA broadcast.

The recommendation is for Commercial establishments to proactively confirm they are authorized/purchased events as soon as they possibly can.