For our dear customers:

DirecTV users

It’s BAU regarding Commercial subscribers and as far as visual/on-screen cues…

If Commercial subscribers don’t see the DIRECTV pre-event slide prior to the live PPV broadcast on Saturday (and they encounter a black screen), then they haven’t purchased/aren’t authorized for the event…or it’s possible other issues may be taking place specific to a commercial account or at a location such as faulty equipment, a dormant receiver, configuration, or other reason.  

If the viewer channels aren’t present in the program guide at a particular establishment then perhaps the program guide isn’t properly enabled or a customer isn’t properly set-up and locked-in to the required satellite.

Commercial establishments should be able to confirm the presence of both HD/SD viewer channels in the program guide in advance of this live concert broadcast. 

The recommendation is for commercial establishments to proactively confirm they are authorized/purchased events as soon as they possibly can.

Dish Activation

Event IDs:

HD: 91088
SD: 91087

Below is the channel information for KISS: End of the Road Concert (12/2/2023)

HD Channel: 460
SD Channel: 464

Thank you.